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Wild Swimming Walks Dorset East Devon 28 coast lake river days out

Updated: May 26, 2022

Dear hiking friends and fellow wild swimmers, this one is for you!

The newest wild swim book,' Wild Swim Walks Dorset, and East Devon', has now been published, just in time for some summer fun.

The latest book from the Wild Swimming Walks series written by my friends Sophie Pierce, and Matt Newby is now available.

This beautiful edition covers the Dorset and East Devon coast and several inland lakes and wild swims. The book contains 28 well-researched walks with beautiful descriptions, detailed maps and inspiring photographs.

I've had the joy to join Sophie and Matt for one of those walks to a Holloway called Hell Lane, followed by a swim at Eype mouth beach (walk 9). This book also features one of the photographs I took during the research walk.

If you are spending any time on the southwest coast, I thoroughly recommend this book as a day out companion and guide for future Sunday outings.

I can't wait to get back to Lulworth (walk 18) and walk 13 Portland circular looks enticing. Wild Swim Walks takes you on 28 adventures into the magical and ancient landscapes of Dorset in East Devon, following an enchanting journey from the Undercliffs to the coves of the Jurassic Coast.

Get it online:

Get it at Standford's Travel Bookshop: (in Bristol & London)


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