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To anyone who needs some anxiety advice right now:

The anxiety is not you, you are not it. There is nothing wrong with you. You are simply exhausted by this crazy world. You are sensitive to the worlds energies. A lot of people can feel it but not everyone is brave enough to admit to it.


7 tips to deal with it today:

1) Remember its not you, we are all swimming in this vibrational soup and I will tell you below how to escape it

2) The opposite of anxiety is curiosity. Dig up an old curiosity of yours and emerge yourself in it.

3) Get out of your head and into your body, gently! Dancing, walking with a friend, earthing in the sea or barefoot in the garden.

4) Stop scanning the news, news companies doing a good job for their shareholders. They are not working for you, but for them. The world is much better than its shown to you.

5) Find your friends again

6) Do a craft, engage your hands, mend something or create something new.

7) Know that your heart is not just a blood pumping machine, use it today!


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