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The Practice, by Seth Godin - Book review

The Practice, by Seth Godin

I thought it might be of value to write about some of the books I read and enjoy. You will never find me going on about a book that I did not adore. Good vibrations only!

Chapter 8: It's better to follow your path, however imperfectly, than someone else's perfect.

Seth Godin is known as a marketing guru for entrepreneurs. He deserves his position as such, but what I find intriguing is that he is an artist foremost.

Seth started blogging pretty much as soon as the internet became grown-up enough and blogs became possible. Seth has been blogging for twenty years - EVERY DAY. He has a PRACTICE for his art.

Your practice is your commitment to show up and create, do your thing, make your marks, record your voice.

Utterly motivational and pragmatically written and insightful, Seth reminds you that showing up counts more than anything.

Chapter 215: Trust the process.
Trusting yourself does not require delusional self-confidence.
When the required outcome is proof of our worth, we become brittle, unable to persist.
No one can possibly do a better job of being you than you can.

Reading these pages was like being seen from the guardian angle for the human who can't help but live in creation.

It helped me to adjust my view of what the point of making is. Creation is living and growing.

Whenever I feel pressure to succeed building up, I remember his idea about success.

(in my words) By default, 50% of everything you will ever make is below average. It's just basic mathematics. It also means 50% is above it, and every day you work and commit to your practice, the formula gets a chance to shift a little bit.

Chapter 29: So 'far' and Not 'yet'
You haven't reached your goal (so far).
Your not as good at your skills as you want to be (so far). This is fabulous news. It's been going on since you were a kid...

(notes with my copy of Seth Godin's The Practice, which I borrowed from the library)


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