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Collage making kits

Updated: May 9, 2021

I am super stoked, as I have released my new collage making kit this week.

In this Carefree Collages kit, you will find 20+ vintage images and ephemera from a wide selection of sources. These are not copies but original pages and images handpicked and curated for you.

The Collage making packs are stocking on The Chuffed Store. The availability for this edition is limited and every pack is unique.

Here is a little flip though video


This 3rd edition collage making kit will include at least one each of these: Vintage National Geographic magazine pages, Universe and stars, Marilyn Monroe picture, fun water sports, animals, food, textbook, maps and original British bus stabs.

The collage kit includes a list of inspiration to send you on the way of creating something wonderful.


What can you do with your new collage material?

In collage the possibilities are limited only but the images you got and the ideas you can generate.

I have made a list of ideas to inspire your creations:

-colour in

-rip and stick

-add watercolours, crayons and acrylic paint

-make a collage poem

-add you personal photos

-create a future dreams collage

-make an affirmation/mantra card to carry with you

-make a life-affirming collage for yourself

-have a collage making party

-create a greetings card

-add glitter and washi tape

I can't wait to see what you will make, please share your creations on Instagram #carefreecollage


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