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Collage Making - how to start

How to get started in collage making - 5 Tips


Number 1

Gather materials. You will need glue, scissors or/and a cutting knife with the self-healing cutting mat.

For images, keep a lookout for patterns and textures in product packing and gather older books and magazines you have. Reuse and recycle!

If you want to venture out to find great vintage images in Bristol, I can recommend the Amnesty International UK Shop on Gloucester Road and any Oxfam Bookshop, like the one on the top of Park Street.


Number 2

Choose images that speak to you on a conscious and subconscious level. Relax into the process of picking and cutting out pictures, go with the flow, and get inspired by what you picked.


Number 3

Small is Beautiful. Start with a business card sized collage as a warm-up towards an evening of collage making.


Number 4

If you still feel a little unsure or stuck at this point, collect up all images within a specific colour range. It will give you a starting point and will instantly look impressive and cohesive.


Number 5

Don't be afraid to mix scale. This is not a painting or photography. Don't waste precious time looking for images in a smaller or larger size to fit with what you've got. Collage making is a lot of fun, so break some of your rules, get into the zen of making and be carefree!


Find some collage examples on my website and subscribe to my newsletter for updates on collage making clubs.

I can also highly recommend a book called 'Cutting Edges' by Gestalten.


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