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What I'm doing now
  • NEW Sunday Collage clubs at BAM Shop + Space, Bristol

Some focus for this year
  • Carefree Collages, bringing mindfulness and art to Bristol

  • Remote Viewing, helping others to find lost things 

  • Intention work, bringing healing and positive change to our earth and the people

  • Making Orgone Blankets, an organic complementary healing tool

  • Writing, sharing what am learning

Happy New Year! 

They say the only thing constant in life is change. 

The amount of change has been enormous, for all of us. The amount of pain and fear. Fear and isolation have been tremendous. I don't know about you but it has also given me a nudge and push to make moves towards becoming the person I always wanted to be and do the things that come from my soul - even if this is a really scary thing to show to the world (at least at the beginning).

When you read the "Some focus for the year" section on this page you will get a good understanding of where I am going and how i really tick inside my little heart. 

My artwork will still be available via my outlets and Carefree Collages workshops will also still be a part of my life as it is such a wonderful way to bring joy, connection and health to my local community.

Remember to sign up to my newsletter if you are interested to see what's coming and how you can be part of positive change in our world.

Sending you love 
Katja x

Recent projects
  • Christmas last postage 19th Dec

  • 4th Edition Collage Making Kits now available here and here

  • Christmas Card Bundles now available

  • A new Collage kit & online workshop set!

  • Iris Cottage lino cut is back in stock

  • Dartmoor blog post for the Chuffed​

  • Photographs published in the book Wild Swim Cornwall by Sophie Pierce & Matt Newbury 

  • New Print collection 'Seaside & The Cottage' released via Etsy

  • Interview: Meet the Maker